Retain customers with these steps

Brand loyalty is considered one of the most valuable assets for any business. This is down to several factors, but the most important one is customer service. No matter how good a product, a customer won’t feel motivated to return if they don’t feel valued.

Retain customers with these steps

Although discounts and incentives can encourage customers to make a purchase, they won’t necessarily encourage repeat business, whereas a business focused on customer service will.


Making a customer feel valued is key. Management should trust their staff to speak to potential new customers and provide them with the information they need, of course; however, once it appears that a client could be ready to make a purchase, a manager should make an effort to introduce themselves. This creates a positive image of their organisation.


Incentives that get customers back in the showroom are a great idea, such as free oil changes. Car dealerships are in a great position to be able to offer this type of promotion, and what better time to approach them about an upgrade than when they are waiting around in the showroom?

Retain customers with these steps

Talking to customers about vehicle security will make them feel that you care. With car theft rates increasing, drivers need to be aware of the risks.

Motor trade insurance from companies such as is, of course, a legal requirement for car dealerships.


Once a customer has driven out of the showroom, make sure you stay in touch. A member of staff should contact them within the first couple of weeks to check that they are happy with their purchase and whether they have any queries. It goes without saying that any concerns should be looked into as soon as possible.


When buying a new car, the process can take quite a long time and customers often come with their families. Providing a welcoming environment in which customers can obtain refreshments and an area for young children to play will make clients feel looked after and positive about their overall experience.


There are many extras that can be offered for little cost and these are well worth the investment. Examples are newsletters that include industry news for motor enthusiasts, discounted valet services, and courtesy reminders when a service is due. These will all contribute to customer satisfaction.