Six fabulous ways to wear a red maxi dress

Maxi dresses can make a real statement, especially when they are in bold bright colour like red. It is also really easy to style a maxi dress, and these amazing ideas will take your look to the next level.

Six fabulous ways to wear a red maxi dress

Bling it up

If you want to dress your red maxi dress up, adding some bling is the best way to do just that. Chunky gold necklaces, bracelets and rings add something special, as do loads of silver accessories. If you really want to go broke for bling, you can even don diamonds or diamante jewellery to add extra sparkle.

Six fabulous ways to wear a red maxi dress

Belt up

Belts can add a wonderful finishing touch to an outfit, and they are not just for pants. You can accentuate your waist by belting up your dress, and you can choose to have the belt as high or as low slung as you like. The lower the belt, the more casual the look, and you can change the whole feel of a dress simply by adding this single accessory.

Add a jacket

There are so many styles of maxi dress available, and most of them would look great with a fitted jacket over them. If you find a red maxi dress at AX Paris or just about anywhere else, you should be able to wear a leather, denim or any other well-tailored jacket with it to give it the edge.

Put your boots on

A maxi dress is the perfect accompaniment to a pair of heeled boots. You can opt for crazy high heels a la Lady Gaga at the 2019 Met Gala or you can go a little lower too and still make a statement.

Add a contrasting top

If you have a short sleeve or strappy dress, add a long sleeve or short sleeve tight T underneath to add contrast. Or, if you’re feeling bold, add a top over your dress that is sheer, and adds another layer of texture.

Go for leopard print

Whether it’s a bag, shoes, boots, a scarf or a belt, leopard print works beautifully with red. This colour combination is every fashionista’s dream and it is really easy to incorporate. You can add just a touch of leopard print or you can go whole nine yards and match all your accessories.