How could conveyancing be simplified?

How could conveyancing be simplified?

While some people may think that the hard work of buying a property is done when the object of desire has been selected and committed to, there is a certain amount of legal work and bureaucracy to be dealt with. This includes conveyancing, which some buyers find yet another stressful burden in the process.

Delays and more delays

People often wonder why conveyancing takes so long. It seems strange that in the modern age, when many procedures have been streamlined, that conveyancing still seems so complicated. While some areas of conveyancing have become simpler, other parts have become more time-consuming. It seems that a new approach is needed.

One thought is that properties should have a kind of tradeability rating before they go on the market. This could take the form of an LCR – or Legal Condition Report – which certifies that all the necessary searches and evaluations have been carried out, so conveyancing would be much more straightforward.

How could conveyancing be simplified?

Due diligence

One reason that conveyancing can still take time is because of the principle of Caveat Emptor, or buyer beware. This basically means that the responsibility lies with the buyer – and their conveyancing solicitor – to ensure that everything is in order before the sale proceeds. Conveyancing is, however, becoming more transparent as solicitors now need to publish their fees, according to this article in The Guardian.

Technology is also playing a role in making conveyancing easier, as of course with the internet a great deal of information can be processed with a computer. Online conveyancing is one option available today that can relieve some of the anxiety in buying a property. If you are interested in investigating online conveyancing it would be worthwhile to consult a firm that has a good track record in this area such as An online quote may provide clearer, easier options.

Research is a vital part of checking titles and other matters associated with buying a property and quick access to records via the web will certainly make this less time-consuming. While much of conveyancing is fairly simple to understand, it is generally a good idea to have the backing of professionals who will quickly see any matters that require further examination.

Buying a property is a big step, and expert advice can bring peace of mind.